Lorantec Systems, Inc. is an information technology company headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA that is revolutionizing the way international cargo shipments are tracked and monitored.  Lorantec has developed an affordable solution that enables real-time tracking and monitoring of container shipments anywhere in the world – from the manufacturer’s shipping dock to the receiving dock of the retailer or distributor (“Dock-to-Dock” visibility).


Lorantec’s proprietary and innovative technology allows companies to affordably track and monitor their shipments, anywhere in the world.

Unlike other attempts to solve this problem, Lorantec’s solution requires no infrastructure to be built – it will function completely on existing communication networks.

Many other tracking technologies provide visibility only at certain points along a shipping route.  Furthermore, even those that claim to provide global visibility through satellite technologies are limited by the line-of-sight requirement of satellite communication. Lorantec’s proprietary communication technology overcomes these problems, allowing customers to stay in contact with all of their containers, anywhere, anytime.


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